Reviver Rental Module for Prestashop

Reviver Rental Module for Prestashop lets you rent any type of product. You can even set rental packages like skies with additional protective gear to choose from. Users can select date, fill their name and other additional information that you require. All products available for rent will be listed on one page.

Prestashop version compatibility: -

Go to module page for download

Allows to rent any type of products

You can even use products that already exist in your shop

Rental page integration into CMS page area

Unlimited rental templates for products

Ability to add additional products / services

You can create rental packages, like skiing equipment package, where the client will be able to choose if he needs any additional equipment or just the skiis

Ability to create your own custom fields for rental information input.

You can add custom fields that you require when creating rental forms, after an order is placed all this information will be automatically sent to you via email

Create grids based pricing of rental periods

Prices per day can be based on days count, so that the longer the rental period is, the lower the price per day becomes

Allows administrators to set discounts based on rental period

Can be also enabled for additional products / services

Allows users to see current price for the rental period in real time

While filling out the rental form and selecting the additional services/products user will always see the products/services currently selected

Included date picker for date selection

Allows multiple orders of same product

Ability to change the order of the fields, additional products / services within rental product template

Setting to include/exclude first day of rental period when counting rent duration.

Example, product taken on January 1st and returned on January 2nd. Rental period can be either 1 day or 2 days depending on this setting

Rental orders are saved as a regular order and are accessible via Orders menu

Custom email template with all rental information for administrators

Module uses Bootstrap framework(responsive) for Front Office output, so you can easily edit it to match the style of your shop

There are a few ways to install our Rental Module. First of all please check your current Prestashop version before continuing with installation (to check your current version login to your Prestashop administration panel and look at the bottom left of the page or top left for never versions).

2.1. First method

Login to your Prestashop administration area and then go to modules page. On the top right corner click “Add new module“ and select the .zip file that you have downloaded, then click “Upload“. Now find “Reviver Rental Module“ in the modules list and click “Install“ button, if you get a confirmation dialog click “Proceed with the installation“.

2.2. Second method

Extract module‘s .zip file and upload to your Prestashop “modules” folder on your FTP server. Login to your Prestashop administration area and then go to modules. Now find “Reviver Rental Module“ in the modules list and click “Install“ button, if you get a confirmation dialog click “Proceed with the installation“.

2.3. Regenerating thumbnails

If you intend to use products that were added to your shop before you installed the Rental Module you need to regenerate product thumbnails, otherwise (if you will add new products) you can skip this step. Go to “Preferences” > “Images” scroll down to bottom of the page. Here you can change the dimensions of “reviver_rental” image type to fit your needs. Then select “Products” in “Select an image” field and select “reviver_rental” in “Select a format”. Now click “Regenerate thumbnails” button. Process duration depends on product count. If server time outs during the regeneration process, repeat all steps except set “Erase previous images” to “No”.

After successful module installation, go to modules list and find “Reviver Rental Module“ in the modules list and click “Configure“ button.

3.1. Configuration page

Here is an example of possible module usage. Keep in mind that first section “Currently assigned products to the rent list” only shows a list of assigned products with their order positions. To assign template to a product see “Assign template to products” section (page 8). At the bottom of the page you can change ordering settings, administrator e-mail address (separate by comma if you need to use multiple e-mails) and CMS page where rental products will appear. When client places an order, custom e-mail will be sent to the e-mail/e-mails you’ve set in module settings, this email will contain all rental information (any field that you add to rental page will be included in this e-mail e.g. dates, names, sizes etc.). Use “Compatibility for columns” setting if your theme has right and left columns, this setting will alter module template and make buttons bigger. Depending on your shop configuration you may need to add taxes to prices used in the module, this feature is disabled by default.

Prestashop Rental Module Configuration page

3.2. Creating rental template fields


In order for rental prices and durations to work properly you must at least create 2 date fields. The first one will automatically be “from date” and second will be “to date”

Click “Create new template field”, select input type, enter field name (we recommend using only Latin letters and numbers, no spaces), title (will be visible to users), placeholder (never browsers can show preentered text in input fields) and default value. Some input fields like “select”, have additional settings after you save them.

Creating rental template fields

3.3. Creating additional products / services

Click “Create new template field”, enter name (we recommend using only Latin letters and numbers, no spaces), title (will be visible to users), description (will be displayed to users next to the field), price fields (if you want product to show discounted price, enter both fields, otherwise fill only “Price” field). Use dot for prices and not the comma (4.20 is good, but 4,20 is not). You can upload image after product / service is saved.

Prestashop Rental Module Configuration page

3.4. Creating rental templates


Before creating templates, make sure you already created your fields and additional products / services you want to create (you may add them later too, but you have to open template editing page again). See “Creating rental fields” (page 5) and “Creating additional products / services”

Click “Create new rental template”, enter the template’s name (it will only be shown to administrators), for example “Skies ECO” and click “Save”, you will be redirected to template editing page.

Then you can assign already created fields and enter their position. Same mechanic works for additional products / services.

“Order days coefficients” – here you can create grids based pricing of rental periods. In the date fields you must enter rental day count (not actual date). You can’t use same day for ending and the beginning of another range (for example 1-2 and 3-4 is good, but 1-2 and 2-3 is not) Use dots for decimals when entering price coefficient. See picture above.

After you have finished setting up your template, hit ”Save” on the top of the page (near template’s name field). Your template now will be shown as a selection on product editing page inside “Reviver Rental Module” tab.

Prestashop Rental Module Configuration page

3.5. Assigning template to products

After you finished setting up templates you can now assign them to your products. Go to “Catalog” > “Products”, then click on “Reviver Rental Module” tab. Now select your template and click “Save” or “Save and stay”. If you want to edit or create new templates, go back to module configuration window. After saving, your product will be listed in rental products list page. To set your rental products list page you must first create CMS page (“Preferences” > “CMS”) and then set this page in module configuration, read more about it in “Configuration page” section

Prestashop Rental Module Configuration page

Thank you for purchasing our module.

If you need any help please visit our profile on Prestashop add-ons page. Found a bug? Have any suggestions? You can write directly to our e-mail address at Please include your username, which you used during purchase, in e-mail.

4.1. Appearance

For best results we recommend using landscape format images for main products. We provide you with some barebones of style. You can edit reviver_rental/style.css file and the main template file reviver_rental/views/templates/front/reviver_rental.tpl to meet your needs. We can’t provide code for every occasion, since every project is different. If you need any custom works to be done, please contact us by e-mail at

4.2. Editing admin e-mail template

You can easily edit e-mail template just like any other e-mail template in Prestashop. Go to “Localization” > ”Translations”, then under “Type of translation” select “Email templates translations”, select your language and theme and click “Modify”. Look for “reviver_rental” on the list and expand it, then click on “new_order”. Additional rental information (from created fields) is displayed within {items} tag.

Version 1.1.0

Added compatibility setting for themes with sidebars.

Added tax control ability in module settings.

Fixed bug in JS when total price was calculated wrongly for products with discount.

Fixed bug when product's with discount price in cart was calculaded wrongly.

Version 1.0.5

Added additional image type for better visuals.

Fixed bug in JS when currency sign is on the right side of the price.

Fixed few minor text related issues.

Version 1.0.0

Initial release.